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November is time
for Winterizing.


Insulate exterior walls that have piping.  Use pipe insulation to protect pipes from freezing during the cold weather.



Going on Vacation?



Avoid the surprise welcome home of water damage.  Before you go away on vacation turn off your main water valve and turn the valves off for outside faucets.

We'll Get Rid of the Drip in Your House...

The world of plumbing is filled with unwelcome surprises.


Some are obvious. Water on the floor indicates a leaky toilet, sink or urinal. No hot water is evidence of a broken water heater. A burst water pipe needs no introduction.


Others surprises come after the fact: a jaw-dropping invoice, or a project or repair taking forever, long after the promised completion date.


You'll never experience this with Pipe Master Plumbing. We don't like unwelcome surprises any more than you do.


It's why we offer free – and yes, we mean free - estimates for all work. No trip charges. No mysterious costs. No "oh, we forgot about this" invoice line items.


We finish our work on time, too. "On time." Get that? It's not a lost art.


Pipe Master Plumbing is your reliable plumber for all commercial and residential needs in Milwaukee, WI, and nearby communities. We offer 24-hour emergency service. Whether you're remodeling, putting on an addition, undertaking new construction or just need dependable service, Pipe Master Plumbing is the local plumber that you can count on.


Surprises aren't our business. Helping you avoid them is.


As interviewed on WISN TV - click to watch video