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Business Office and Commercial Plumbing Service

No matter what business you're in, plumbing problems can quickly lead from minor issues into major headaches.


Non-working bathrooms inconvenience customers and employees. A leaking prep sink or a leaky grease trap can slow an entire restaurant. A mop sink that leaks can be messy and slippery.


If your situation calls for dependable plumbing commercial service in the Milwaukee, WI, area, Pipe Master Plumbing is your problem solver. We offer 24-hour emergency commercial plumbing service. Emergency or otherwise, we'll get your company or restaurant back in business as quickly as possible.


Many repairs are common: a urinal that leaks or drains slowly, or a leaky toilet or shower. If the need is for a new urinal or toilet, or perhaps an upgrade to an ADA toilet, allow Pipe Master Plumbing to replace it.


Restaurants often have specialized issues: a grease trap replacement, new backflow preventers or a vegetable sink installed or repaired.


We are a company that provides local reliable commercial plumbing service. We take pride in not letting unexpected issues slow you down. Whatever the problem, we take it seriously ... call today for a free estimate.