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Dawn writes...
  We had our sewer back up in the basement. Nick gave me an estimate and fixed it within an hour. Unfortunately we had the same problem again a couple of weeks later. Nick came out promptly to re-root it out in 2 places at no additional charge as he has a 30 day warranty

Krystal writes...
  This company was awesome, super-fast. I made the call and within 2 hours my problem was estimated at a reasonable price and fixed. I will definitely use this company again if I am in need of plumbing assistance.

Patty – Racine writes...
  I heard Nick's commercial on Lite Rock 92one. I couldn't remember the name so I called the radio station and they gave me Pipe Master Plumbing, Nick's name and phone number. I live in a home in the historic area of Racine. I have lived with a bad outdoor faucet for 23 years. I always thought it would be so expensive to get it fixed. Not only did I get the one repaired, so I could turn it on and off from outside, he put in another one and noticed a bad valve on my hot water heater that was a disaster waiting to happen, the cost was fantastic. My husband and I thought these repairs would be well over $1000! It was less than half of what we thought it would cost. Now watering my garden is not a chore anymore, it almost makes it fun now that it is so easy. Then there's the nasty valve Nick caught! He saved us money and a potential explosion in our home. I can't recommend Pipe Master Plumbing enough!

Deb writes...
  Nick is a great guy to work with!

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